The creation of specialized classes in high school is aimed primarily at orienting students in the future profession as correctly as possible. Indicate the student the right educational path and direct him to a conscious and responsible choice of his future.
What is specialized education? Profile education in US is considered to be a type of differentiated education. Thanks to him, conditions are created for the preparation of high school students in accordance with their professional self-determination, taking into account interests, abilities and personal qualities. Profile education is necessary for schoolchildren who show an increased interest in certain subjects, to ensure the adaptation of the child in society and preparation for independent living, to foster responsibility in decision-making. Many different factors influence the definition of a profile. Not only the interests of schoolchildren and their parents are taken into account, but also the personnel, material and technical, information resources of the school. In addition, the labor market plays an important role in this process.
In addition to the profile, the school also has pre-profile education. Pre-profile education is carried out in the form of electives, subject circles, scientific school student societies, the Small Academy, subject Olympiads, etc. In addition, there is such a thing as elective courses. They complement school subjects, introduce students to the world of modern professions, and teach them to evaluate their capabilities. All this makes it possible to study individual subjects in depth, there may be several of them. more
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